Farez Hernandez is an abstract artist, healer and storyteller, of Lenca (Native MesoAmerican) and of European descent. Farez grew up among the tropical ecosystem in Honduras, and is based in NYC.

His art is inspired by the creativity of Mother Nature, and the profundity of the mystery of life. When making art, he allows his body to be the channel where the creative energy flows through his hands to express a secret and sacred language encoded in abstract forms, shapes and colors that awaken the inner most beautiful spark of light. Every single piece of his art is embedded with this life force that moves us to connect and reconnect with ourselves and the highest trust.

Seeing the violent and destructive lifestyle of modern society toward nature, Farez is an advocate for the wellbeing, respect, and free will of all living beings on the planet. He is committed to reconnect and rescue the forgotten wisdom and knowledge of his natives ancestors.  Half of his art sale goes towards an effort called “Rafaeles Eden” to finance his family’s reforestation project in Honduras.