*Shamanic Healing Art*

Farez is a Mayan descendant, abstract artist, and cofounder of Shamanic Community Gathering. He has connected with his ancestors, remembered past lives as a healer, and gained knowledge from many other ancestral traditions. From an early age he had many out of body experiences that made him see life from a different perspective. Growing up surrounded by nature, he felt deeply connected with plants and animals that made him feel like an organic part of the entire universe, giving him inner joy and fulfillment in life.


His heart’s calling in this life is to help others to remember that we are divine beings and children of the Earth, and if we wish to live happily we have to connect with her. 


He offers shamanic energy healing, reiki, eggs or candle readings, sound healing, soul retrieval, cord clearing feathers cleansing, tacuma needle technique, crystal wand technique, amulets and crystal empowerment, and much more.

Rates are available upon request.

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